The Relationship Between Porcine And Human Cysticercosis

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Some of the other risk factors are linked to both porcine and human cysticercosis. According to Bhutta et al (2012) ,Garrett et al (2015) and Assana et al (2010), low level hygiene environment such as dirty contaminated soil and lack of latrine may rise opportunities to access Taeniid ova because dirty soil can increase the possibility of exposure to taeniid ova for both human and pig and taeniid ova can flow to water resource like wells in rainy season.
Certainly, according to many of these articles including WHO, the installment of a large number of latrines can control the risk factor because it can prevent the contamination(WHO 2015), However, there is the article reporting that public(community) latrine can bring weaker effect and all
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Interestingly, more than 10 members decreased the risk in the result. Although Mwape infer this is because such large size family cannot consume pork frequently due to the costs, a stronger evidence would be necessary to prove this. Therefore,a more large-scale observation such as cohort study is highly recommendable to identify the necessity of latrines in the future.

Each of the resources examines other risk factors why such transmission situation between pig and human occur from various points of view in detail. Carabin et al(2015) and Edia-Asukeet al(2014) maintain that the older people, the higher infection rate it is. They infer that the frequency of the exposure is related to the infection. Interestingly, the change point analysis which determine the number of people with active infections (cysticercosis)increases from at 30 years old in Zambia. This result is quite younger than the result in Ecuador under the same analysis (Mwape et al, 2015). This result could imply that sub-saharan Africa is at higher risk for T. solium infection than Latin America.

As an interesting site as a possible risk factor, slaughterhouse situations are referred in some articles. For example, in Nigeria, there is an existing abattoir law to do proper management. However, various problem is identified from the actual situations. Especially, unregistered and private home pig slaughter slabs may cause more
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