The Relationship Between Race and Juvenile Delinquency

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The Relationship Between Race and Juvenile Delinquency

Four years now researcher in the fields of psychology sociology, genetics, and the juvenile justice system have contemplated the reason why some youth turn to delinquency and violence. To investigate the reasons, for some adolescents you would have to research on a case to case basis could fall into one category of multiple categories stemming, why they act the way they do and what cause these reactions. Some researchers may want to find reasons that is caused in the genetic line, it is the youth’s social atmosphere concerning in the youth has the right friends or any friends at all, or they could even to lead to arguments in the environment in which the child is raised.
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(Journal of Black Psychology) Also by the rising in both of the races and many others it leans more on the court system. Since the juvenile was not prepared for the rise in crime it was considered as a second-rate criminal court, which sometimes make unjust decisions.

The kind of environment a child grows up around or in has a great affect on their behavior. Human learning is somewhat a continuous reciprocal interaction of cognitive, behavioral, and what I stated early environmental factors. This type of learning is called observational learning, this is where the child observes and imitates the behavior of adults or other children around them. Another environment is the family environment, the stability of a household has a big affect on a child’s behavior. A child that has endured a parental separation, neglect, or has been abused in any way is where you can find these types of behavior. In many studies that are possing in today’s study set goals that test many different interactive involvements between themselves and their parental relationship quality. It is said that children with antisocial beliefs and bad attitudes show a different social contextual interaction with others. Showing more of aggression and delinquent behavior that brings a more
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