The Relationship Between Revolution, State Reform, And Industrialization

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The relationships between revolution, state reform, and industrialization came in a succession form. The ideas that were brought to light during the revolutions later defined how the states were reformed. The reformed states would later take on industrialization. During the American and French Revolutions some ideas were brought up that later defined the state formations. The idea of popular sovereignty allowed for states to become more democratic. This idea to allow the people to have some authority over the sovereign was brought about by John Locke. People wanted freedom, individual freedom to be exact. In terms of political and legal equality, the idea was that all individuals would be equal under the law. State reformation began through acquiring independence. Independence was acquired by means of war and conflict. There was later American, Haitian, Brazilian, and Mexican independence. For the Haitian Revolution, a slave revolt broke out and was led by a man named Toussaint L’Ouverture. Mexico became independent due to Napoleon invading Spain and weakening the royal control of the colonies and the independence movement led by Simón Bolivar. Pedro the King’s son agreed to an independent Brazil. Industrialization began through new inventions and use of material. Coal replaced the use of wood. Some of the new inventions included the fluttering shuttle, spinning mule, water driven power loom, steam power, and different modes of transportation. Social classes were formed,
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