The Relationship Between Slave And Slave Master Essay

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Everyday resistance is the idea of putting the individual in a better situation than one previously was by means of inconveniencing one of higher power. In terms of slavery it would be the slaves pushing an inconvenience onto their master so that their personal lives would be, temporary, better. The idea itself was not put onto the forefront of historical research until the 1970’s. The relationship between slave and slave master is the foundation for this idea of agency or everyday resistance. A push and pull for power that underlines the very nature of the relationship. Where it is true that the master help the majority of the power, but by the practice of the idea of everyday resistance the slaves were able to pull more power towards them. This does not convey they were give a substantial amount of power, but they were given the chance to restore the humanity and bonds that were taken away from them initially. In this paper I shall be describing three different sections with the premise of everyday resistance as the overarching theme of the paper. The first section I will be dealing with the five basic questions of an idea. The who, what, where, when, and why of the idea. In this section I will give my findings related to the idea of everyday resistance and examples that took place in the United States during the time of American slavery. My second section will be dealing with more extreme versions of everyday resistance. Though my first section will cover the basis for
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