The Relationship Between Social Media Platforms And The Government

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This essay explores the different relationships between social media platforms and the government to provide insight into the different ways the government uses media masses to further their agendas and how its good business is used for political gain. This essay also discusses the different ideologies and fallacies individuals have of the media’s role in society. This essay wasn’t written to persuade one either way, but rather to bring the important relationship to light, so with better understanding people can make wiser decisions as voters, consumers or investors. Fo r Better, or For Worse: Politics, Government, and the Media. Outline I. Introduction a. Fallacies of the American People-Media b. Private owned media c. Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) II. The Media Role Society a. Different Forms of Media b. What Social Media Tells Us III. Government and Media Relationships a. Social Media -Political Gain IV. Looking At The Evidence Pew Research Center a. Survey discussion and findings-evidence V. Campaigns and Social Media a. Obama Campaign- Campaign Game Changer b. New Media Challenge Initiatives- Connection to House of Republican Conference VI. Government Interests a. Social Media Agenda b. Social Media Political Issues- Facebook shuts down application due to privacy -Obama Campaign. c. Usefulness of Social Media Platforms- using social media platforms with users of a variety of ages furthers political agenda. For Better, or For Worse: Politics, Government and
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