The Relationship Between Sociology and the Social Sciences

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The life of man is many sided. There is an economic aspect, legal aspect, a religious aspect, political aspect, and so forth. Sociology, therefore, can understand a social life as a whole, by taking help from other social sciences which study exclusively one or the other aspects of human society. Sociology, for example, in order to understand a particular society has to take material of the economics, political science, history, anthropology, religion, morals, law and finally interaction with the rest of the world. Therefore all sciences are interrelate and interdependent.

Sociology not only borrows from other social sciences but other social sciences also dependent on sociology. Actually there are two types of social sciences called
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History means only description ,while sociology means analysis, interpretations and classifications.
The nature of History is not scientific, which can not be retested .But the test of social phenomenon is possible. social facts can be verified also.

Relation between sociology and political science:

Sociology and political science are also related in the sense that they both concern the welfare of people in a society. Political science basically deals with the distribution of power and the exercise of power ,democracy, dictatorship, communism, how people vote etc. sociology has its roots in politics. These two subjects have much common in subject matters.the following points are showing relationship of both-
The important point is that king of any place is social as well as political. There is no separate existence without each other.
In words of Giddings,"to teach the theory of the state to men who have not learnt the first principles of sociology, is like teaching astronomy or thermodynamics to men who have not learnt Newton 's law of motions".(Principles of Sociology p.37.)
Both sciences explain the interdependency between man and society. Political science says man is political while sociology say man is social. Both need a group of people ,where he interacts.
The process of socialization is done by both sciences. Both are helpful in development of social an political consciousnesses.
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