The Relationship Between Standards Practice And Standards Of Care

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Identify the relationship between standards of practice and standards of care Health care professions are guided in various clinical settings and area of expertise by organization scope and standards of practice as governed by individual states. Standard of practices for Advance Nurse Practitioners’(APNs) refers to legal guidelines or benchmarks set forth in the state of Florida by the Florida Board of Nursing (FBON) that are used to determine what a nurse practitioner can or cannot do as it relates to patient care. On the other hand, the Standards of care (SOC’s) serves as a guideline when evaluating APNs care for possible negligence. It evaluates the provider’s capabilities and degree of excellence in how the care was provided. Name…show more content…
Each committee member appointed by a board is appointed to a term of 4 years unless a shorter term is required to establish or maintain a staggered term. The oversight Committee plays an important role in reviewing applications for nursing educational programs, licensure, certifications and makes recommendations to the full board whether to approve or deny these submissions as outlined in chapter 458, chapter 459, and chapter 466 of the Florida Statues (The 2015 Florida Statutes, 2016). The specific Florida statues that identify and regulate APN scope of practice A scope of practice defines the “who, what, where, when, why and how of nursing practice” (American Nurses Association, 2016). It includes procedures and actions that are allowed by law for licensed individuals of certain professions and it also limits the practice of a licensed professional to what the law permits for specific education, experience, and demonstrated competency. The Scopes of practice for APN in Florida are defined in Chapter 456, 464.003, 464.012, 458.348, 459.025 and Rule 64B9-4.003, F.A.C. Chapter 456 describes the general provisions relating to health occupations and professions. FNPA also contains regulations related to APN practice in the state of Florida
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