The Relationship Between Student Achievement And Bullying, Cyberbullying And / Or Child Abuse

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The topic I am focusing on for the five research articles is the relationship between student achievement and bullying, cyberbullying and/or child abuse. The article below explores how past bullying experiences impacted first-year college students:
Holt, M. K., Green, J. G., Reid, G., DiMeo, A., Espelage, D. L., Felix, E. D., Furlong, M. J., Poteat, V. P., Sharkey, J. D., (2014). Associations between past bullying experiences and psychosocial and academic functioning among college students. Journal of American College Health 62:8, 552-560, DOI: 10.1080/07448481.2014.947990
Because we are reading and analyzing five articles in total, I thought it would be interesting if each article involved participants of a different age. Knowing that research often builds on previous studies, I decided to choose one of the most recent articles related to each age. Child safety is a topic directly related to my current position and I thought that reading a recent article might have the following advantages:
• A recent study might summarize past findings and add to the existing knowledge
• The references for each article could provide a listing of previous research, which might prove helpful if I wished to learn more in the future.
The search terms I used were “bullying” and “academic achievement”. I found the above article by doing using the University of North Florida library’s OneSearch feature. The article is pulled from the SPORTDiscus database.

2. The authors state that…
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