The Relationship Between Student Motivation and GPA

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Motivation is important because it allows you to work towards and complete your goals. GPA allows you to see, on average, how well a student has performed in all classes they have taken. It is likely there is a relationship between motivation and GPA. If a student is highly motivated, will their GPA rise? Based upon previous research, it is hypothesized that students who are highly motivated will have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Seventeen university students, 9 male and 8 female participated in the survey. The survey included 9 questions that measured motivation, measured on a Likert scale from 1-5. [Results].
Students may see the results and decide to change their study habits. One application for the real world could be
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Extrinsic motivation is working on a task to receive a reward in the end. For students, this reward would be good grades and a high GPA. Non-traditional students had higher levels of intrinsic motivation, meaning they enjoyed what they where doing and were not just motivated by grades and GPA. Non-traditional students are ones that are financially independent and possibly working a full time job. (Author Name) concluded that the students interest in their major lead to the highest levels of motivation. Although this study focused heavily on motivation, it did not focus on actual GPA scores. (Author Name) did a study on motivation for studying engineering, and measured GPA as a dependent variable. Students who showed interest in their academics had lots of success in their subject, which led to higher GPA’s. (The author) also found that students who took math and physics courses with positive attitudes were more likely to be successful. A student having a positive outlook and showing interest in a subject is likely to be very motivated. This study is relevant because it looks at both students motivation and the resulting GPA. Similar to the study by (Author 2), a study by (Author 3) looked at time use and academic outcomes. Good use of time can be related to motivation, while academic outcomes can be seen as a students GPA. The study found that the number of hours studying was
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