The Relationship Between The And. And Jesse Work

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Brooke and Jesse have been married for two years and they have one daughter together, Presley. However, just recently Jesse has received visitation rights to his other two children, Ben and Briley, from a previous marriage. The family is Caucasian and both Brooke and Jesse work full-time and Presley attends daycare during the week. Ben is a senior this year and is a part of the varsity football team and Briley is in the 5th grade and participates in dance.
Family Assessment
Presenting Problem
Brooke is feeling overwhelmed and is having a hard time adjusting to becoming a step-mother to a 18 and 10 year old. This is her first marriage and she is seeking guidance on how to help parent older children that are not biologically hers. Brooke worries that the children will not like her or that she is trying to replace their biological mother.
Family Structure
Since Brooke and Jesse work full time and they do not really have a set schedule and this is causing communication problems between the two. She stated if they do talk it is right before bed or by texting within the day. The family roles are that they both work and Brooke completes the house chores, cooking, and taking care of Presley. There is not a balance of power between the two, Jesse controls Brooke’s banking account and only allow’s her a certain amount of money each week, for gas, and diapers, etc. This also, leads to a stressful environment for all of them to be living in. In addition, Ben and Briley
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