The Relationship Between The Spouse And Cancer Survivor Essay

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Consequently, the distress in the relationship between the spouse and cancer survivor needs assistance to maintain an equilibrium of support for both individuals to transition to a “new normal”. The female spouse of a cancer patient is more expressive than the male spouse caregiver, allowing more research themes of loneliness and self-care to emerge in the literature (Bruun et al., 2011; Pillai-Freidman & Ashline, 2014). Partners play an important role in cancer survivorship and the spouse themselves, must reduce their level of psychological distress through resilient behaviors (Dagan, et al., 2014; Lim, Shon, Paek, & Daly, 2014). This is an opportunity to screen the spouse of a cancer survivor for distress.
Psychosocial distress. The literature revealed the majority of cancer patients experience distress; with breast cancer having the highest levels of psychological distress (Cicero et al., 2009; Diallo et al., 2015; Przezdziecki et al., 2013; Segrin & Badger, 2014). Distress can come from the spouse directly or indirectly related to sexual intimacy or relational communication (Levy, 2010; Pillai-Freidman & Ashline, 2015). Distress can come from a lack of social support as the length of time from cancer diagnosis to survivorship increases, leading to complex emotions, not discussed with the primary care provider (Mikkelsen, Sondergaard, Jensen, & Olesen, 2008; Morasso et al., 2010). Breast cancer survivors specifically, identify their psychological distress needs on-going
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