The Relationship Between Theory And Reality

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Investigate the relationships between theory and reality in the case of Kensal House

Gropius pointed out that ‘Rationalization’ is a factor for modernisation of architecture as modern architecture should have to combine with mass-production of industry (Walter 1965,39) . Gropius mentioned that the development of new technique help architecture reduces the construction period. In this case, the thinking relates the other Gropius 's opinion of modern architecture, as he think the architecture should be possessed by ordinary people.
The other approach of Gropius activity for modernisation of architecture is to group collaborators and assistants, who are not automatically’ obey conductor’s baton, but independently, although in close cooperation, to further a common case( Walter 1965,51) .Furthermore, Gropius found the Bauhaus school as an educator and he is a theorist, meanwhile a practical architect.
The design of Kensal House has been influenced by Gropius’s theory. The desire of Kensal House was to create a lively community, they believed that the Kensal House could provide not only on physical material needs but also on their social needs by providing a series of amenities and facilities (Darling 2000,169) . The site of Kensal House was chosen on a part of a former gas-works site at the poorest part of Kensington-- Kensal Green. It was a one-and-half acre area and they would provide three blocks for 300 people in 68 apartments (Jackson ,2014) .
The main…
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