The Relationship Between United States And Cuba

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ecently the United States and Cuba have been making news due to a possible reconciling between the two nations. In 2016 President Obama visited the leader of Cuba, Raúl Castro. This was a big deal because he was the first president to visit the country since Calvin Coolidge. Raul Castro took over office following the death of Fidel Castro. Fidel was a strong supporter of the communist party and many of his ideas regarding running Cuba were very radical and not supported by the United States. He was one of the main reasons the United States ended all ties with the country. For many years these two countries have been butting heads and been involved in a power struggle. During Obama's presidency, there was a shift in both the United States…show more content…
In 1896 the United States invested an estimated $45,229,000 across multiple Cuban jurisdictions. Businesses owned by Americans started to pop up all over Cuba. For example, North American printing companies began coming to Cuba producing majority of Cuban currency. Also, American tobacco companies began manufacturing Cuban cigars, taking over what used to be a delicacy for many of the Cuban cigar companies. Due to the increase of American business they began to rely on Cuban resources. American companies began using and overconsuming Cuba’s natural resources such as nickel, copper and cobalt. Another one of Cuba’s biggest resources was sugar. Sugar was Cuba’s biggest export and they were a big player in the international sugar trade. The United States government began impacting the sugar trade in Cuba by trying to insert themselves in the international sugar trade. This took away from a lot of Cuba’s resources and therefore negatively impacted Cuba’s economy. The United States impact on the Cuban economy really made the Cuban people and government very frustrated. The United States thought they were benefitting the Cubans however they were just exploiting them for their resources. This led to a very strong resentment from Cubans against the United States early on in their relationship. Next, came the 1898 Spanish American War between the United States and Spain. Cuba was under Spanish control, however in 1898 Cubans revolted
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