The Relationship Between Voter Demographics And Early Voting Turnout

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POLI 6001 – Research Design

This research finds a relationship between voter demographics and Early Voting turnout. Using a University survey of registered voters in Louisiana and post-election statistical data from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s archives, this study finds that black voters and Democrats Early Vote at higher rates than white voters and Republicans.

Voter turnout is a prolific and salient topic in the fields of political science and public administration. Political actors (candidates, strategists, and campaign managers) and administrators (clerks of court, registrars of voters, and other election administrators) desire good information about who, how many, and how often voters are turning out (Leighley and Nagler, 1992).
The data analyzed for this research is derived from a 2014 University of New Orleans Survey Research Center poll as well as election results data from the 2014 US Senate election in Louisiana. The Louisiana Secretary of State’s office produces post-election statistical data for both election totals and Early Voting, broken down into demographic categories of: race, age political affiliation and gender. Election cycle data used for this study are the Louisiana Congressional general election stages in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014.
Louisiana employs a unique primary system which serves as the state’s general election and primary for congressional elections, sometimes referred to a “jungle primary”…

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