The Relationship Between Will and the Psychologist in Good Will Hunting

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This paper will discuss the relationship between Will Hunting and the psychologist Sean Mcguire in the movie Good Will Hunting. The struggles that occur between these main characters will be analyzed and their meanings found. A basic outline of the movie will be included to give the larger picture and its influence upon the two men.

An Analysis of the Movie ?Good Will Hunting? and the Main Characters Will Hunting and Sean Mcguire


1. Description of the Movie a. Setting of the movie b. Introduction of the main characters
2. The Main Characters and their problem a. Will Huntings Problem and Sean?s intervention. b. Development of the problem and their solutions
3. The final development of the Characters a. A
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The cops show up and Hunting is arrested for hitting a cop and sent to jail. It is then that Will solves the complicated math equation. He is sent to jail but the professor, who must have had some pull in Boston was able to get Will out of jail if he works on math proofs and see a psychologist.

Hunting agrees, but has a hard time with dealing with a psychologist, scaring five away, two are shown. He then meets Lambeau's old college roommate, Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). It is Maguire that turns Will around because he is not afraid to talk back to him.

The movie really relates the main idea of the story and that is what psychologists call intimacy. The two characters of Will and Sean are the central focus of the movie. Skylark, Chuckie and his friends help in the bigger scope but the relationship between the psychologist Sean and Will is what really counts in this tale.

The main focus is placed on Will, whom has a rare genius to put together abstract math problems and finds it hard to relate to world without getting arrested for doing something violent and rebellious. He grew up in South Boston and the hard streets have jaded him, while his intelligence further isolated him from people and made him hostile to other people. In the beginning of the film, Will is discovered by Lambeu (Stellan Skarsgard) a professor of mathematics, and his well-being becomes a serious issue and he is pursued. While placing a difficult math problem on the chalkboard

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