The Relationship Between the Mind and Language Development Essay

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Language is the most important means of interaction for a person’s development; and a beautiful gift. Our thoughts, feelings, needs and wants make us human. But in order to share the emotions, one needs to communicate through the use of language. The practice of language is highly important from the early years. I intend to look at the relation to how language rules the mind. Along with this, one will see how language facilitates one’s thinking power and its implications. Language plays an important role in one’s life and we’ll see a few psychologists’ view on this. Noam Chomsky states language is acquired by LAD, a Language Acquisition Device (Bruce, T., & Meggit, C. 2002 ). Especially wired for learning, our brain is divided into…show more content…
A child that has English as a second language who has come from Japan finds it difficult to understand the teacher because he’s used to learning in Japanese language. The contradiction here is that he will have differences in culture & language which may lead to confusion. Differences in culture occur when children experience different environments. In many cultures children are not supposed to communicate or give their thoughts if elders are talking. I personally find this wrong because they need to express themselves and build their self confidence. Culture differences are everywhere in the world, but it is the diversity that helps a child know the truth. If they are unable to communicate, they will be unable to give thoughts and develop cognitively as well as linguistically. Without the environment, language acquisition becomes disabled. Culture, like language although different amongst individuals carries similarities allows you to develop literary skills. Children need to be nurtured with a kind of environment that they live in. The sensitive period of learning begins from birth to 6 years. From birth, a child babbles, looks at pictures and listens to words in order to grasp a language. Speaking, writing and the use of signs and symbols are the main ways a child. Positive relationships & exchange of ideas between people who respect each other are the most important factors in language development and a
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