The Relationship I Have With My Mother Essay

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The relationship I have with my mother is complicated. During the first five years of my life, my grandparents were the ones who raised my brother and I. I vividly remember the day when my mother left to come to the United States. I constantly cried and chased after her, but she did not look back at me nor explained the situation. Most likely, she must have thought that I was too young to understand what was going on. Instead, with that memory, she left me scarred. Since then, I began to develop a resentment towards her. A month before my sixth birthday, my father came to the Philippines to bring my brother and I to the United States. I felt neutral about the situation. And since I have not seen my mother in so long, my grudge died down. It felt as though I was going to meet a stranger.
In my family, I am the middle child. My parents treat my siblings and I differently, which is more noticeable from my mom. However, both of my parents seem to favor my siblings over me. My dad prefers my younger sister, while my mom favors my older brother. Growing up, it is very evident that favoritism occurs within this household. I am often considered as the problematic child. I believe that the reason for so is because my parents did not give me as much attention compared to my siblings, so they do not understand how I feel. I also grew up in a family where disclosing how I feel is difficult to do without coming across as disrespectful towards my parents. This conflict of favoritism and…
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