The Relationship Of Child Abuse And Father Daughter

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The relationship of child abuse and father-daughter incest Angelica Flores Washington State University Abstract Father-daughter incest is defined as any sexual act with a family member that is blood related or closely related. Father-daughter incest is the most common type of incest; this is more common than mother-son incest. Research shows that women are more likely to be sexually abused by men because men are said to be stronger than women. Men can easily abuse women so women feel like they have no other choice but letting themselves go. Psychotherapy is a way of therapy to help women with insidious backgrounds. This essay contains different findings researchers have found from different incest victims. Incest is defined as sexual intercourse or any type of sexual act with a family member or any person closely related to the child. Incest can also be defined as a relationship with a step-parent/step-child even if they are not blood related. The topic of incest is a very controversial subject and can be seen as a taboo in the society because depending on the cultures, different cultures have different thoughts on incest. Although incest can be viewed in different ways, incest is still considered sexual abuse, simply because a child cannot give consent until the age of 18. Incest affects the child physically, emotionally, and physiologically. Signs of incest/sexual abuse include unexplained injuries, changes in behavior, or inappropriate sexual behavior to other
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