The Relationship Of Domestic Violence

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Sandra Santiago is a 20-year-old female of Puerto Rican decent. She is currently in a relationship of domestic violence, consisting of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Her mother was abused by her father. Sandra was also molested by her step-brother and there was a point where she wanted to kill herself and her parents. She ran away from home and was placed into a group home when she was 15. She left the group home at the age of 17 and was abusing drugs and alcohol; she went to rehab and has been clean for 3 years. She met her boyfriend in rehab, she did finish high school and she joined job corp. Her part-time job isn’t enough for her to be financially independent, and to date she does not want to seek help with the Department of Social Services for financial and medical help. Sandra stands 5’2” and weighs 90 lbs. She doesn’t eat normally as to maintain her small frame for her boyfriend, she is able to express herself on paper, and is of the Catholic faith. Her parents do not support her emotionally; this has left her with a low self-esteem and wanting to be loved. She also thinks she might be pregnant. Model for Intervention The social worker in the case summary used the “strengths perspective”. The primary goals of this practice it to minimize the weaknesses of the client and focus solely on her strengths and client empowerment as an essential approach. Empowerment comes from valuing oneself, reaching achievable goals, and creating a plan to reach
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