The Relationship Of Promotion And Performance

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The Relationship of Promotion and Performance Case study PT. Y Indonesia Cassandra Etania University of International Business and Economics Abstract The aim of this research is to understand the effect of promotion toward performance in a company in Indonesia. Many believes that promotion could and able to increase the performance of the employee as it helps to motivate the employee hence the hypothesis is created with respect of the previously discussed variables. Initial results shows that promotion could have a significant effect toward performance. The number of employee that will be used to conduct the research is around 50 employee from various department within the company as they are the one that will give the most precise answer with the system of random simple sampling from 150 employees in the company. Many previous literature suggest that promotion has no significant effect on performance hence this study aim to understand more about it. in order to obtain the maximum results. The test were conducted during the lunch time of the employee to make sure that have enough time to understand the meaning of the questionnaire and to avoid any intervention from the company. Introduction Many people in Indonesia believes that ranking or position of a person is more important the actual job description that they have done and the amount of authority that they actually possessed. Indeed, it could be arisen from their ability to think or cultural perspective that the higher
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