The Relationship Shared Amongst Students and Teachers Essay

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Relationship Shared amongst Teachers and Students

Nowadays, there is much controversy plaguing our society as to how the perfect relationship between teachers and their students should be. One pupil might be favored more than another in the classroom by the teacher, making this extra attention unfair to the other students. Almost always, there is a question pending as to what should the situation be inside a classroom. Nobody has yet come up with a solution to solve the problems facing our societys school system and the relationship the students hold with their teachers. An equal balance of fairness, dedication, and hard work should come from both teachers and students. Once we achieve this goal, our classrooms will have teachers
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Most students especially those younger need to be attracted to a particular subject or topic, one that just grabs their attention, in order to pay attention and to learn from that subject. One such example is when I entered the 8th grade with a hate for mathematics, but after being taught by a very well educated professor, I managed to start liking algebra and becoming more and more intrigued as the course went on.

When I used to be in elementary school, I would only find interest in those topics I thought were exciting and interesting such as science and drawing. Whenever a teacher would tell us to draw or sketch a picture, a smile immediately grew on my face and I lightened up with joy since I loved to draw. My love of art made me one of the most talented kids at school with that gift. I believe that a dedicated person must push his or her limitations to the maximum of their potentials to be educated and to succeed even though he or she may not like what theyre being taught, but that person must still push themselves to become interested in order to do well in that subject at the same time.

Another example is how I am studying to go into the pharmacy field by taking classes I may dislike such as biology, physics, and calculus. I may loathe these classes, but in order for me to become a pharmacist and be successful in life, I must learn to have an interest in these
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