The Relationship That Failed The Middle Class Essay

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The Relationship that Failed the Middle Class Obscured sight and closed ears are the basis of ignorance with regard to social class. The association between social class and education can only be denied by those willing to contest that civilization leaves its remnants to disparate communities. We as a society place standards and expectations to education that result in potential power, wealth, and intelligence. Due to this relationship, we pertain to a society who runs on tainted mechanisms and values today. No longer are institutions preoccupied with education, but with their own success and wealth. Money is highly regarded, those of the lower class are rejected, and children are left to deal with their grievances alone.

The affluent become educated because it is expected of them in order to maintain their wealth and power. However, those who come from blue-collared families are uninspired by both their milieus and the normalities placed by the American government concerning education. The set of standards the government goes by currently doesn’t allow for academic growth, especially when concerning children who are attending
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