The Relationship between Academic Obstacles and Facilitators

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University students make up a large population in most countries and may be the most important individual’s part of a society; as they constitute of future professionals and degree obtainers. The life of a student is very different to other age groups and may prove to be extremely stressful and pressurised as the importance to having a profession, especially in South Africa, is heightened because of financial pressure and recessions. It has been argued and researched that the well-being of a student is important for their academic performance, therefore their health needs to be taken into context and maintained to ensure peak performance. The purpose of this essay is to assess the relationship between academic obstacles and facilitators and how they hinder or promote academic performance, as well as how it may affect the well-being of the student. When students are going through a stressful period in their studies, such as exam time or when assignments are due, they often feel exhausted and sometimes unable to manage their time properly in order to get their work done on time, or simply not being able to cope with the nature of the work. It is argued that students who are experiencing emotional exhaustion will perform poorly in their studies (Salanova, Schaufeli, Martinez & Breso, 2008). This is because students who feel exhausted will experience feelings of demotivation, irritability, detachment and cynicism towards their work. While those who have positive feelings
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