The Relationship between Beatrice and Benedick in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

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In this Shakespearean comedy ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ two similarly obstinate characters of Beatrice and Benedick are presented between the rather normal relationship of characters Hero and Claudio. Shakespeare presents Beatrice and Benedick’s obstinacy towards the rather obligatory act of marriage and also their particularly similar personalities that cause reason for their familiar act of squabbling; he does this whilst also presenting two characters that are completely interested in marriage and who are hardly intellectually capable of squabbling in a similar manner. As the play unfolds both characters remain combative with one another but as love becomes the better of them, they begin to reveal that somewhat secretive sensitivity amongst the complications of their hearts. In this essay we are going to explore the fundamental scenes that contribute to this, as well as overall changes in the characters and the techniques used to imply given ideas.
The opening of the play thoroughly explores the stubbornness of both Beatrice and Benedick and further presents the thoughts and wisdom of each of them in a way that seems almost unchangeable. As both characters first interact we see an explicit sign of a previous possible relationship. ‘You always end with a jade’s trick. I know you of old’ Beatrice implies that they know each other well enough from the past and that she thought he had changed. ‘A jade’s trick’ meaning a stubborn horse refusing to go on also illustrates…