The Relationship between Hardware and Software

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The relationship between hardware and software is critical for the success of any system. The computability of software with hardware is important and the latter's compatibility with other components is essential for the system to work smoothly. For example, if we have fully functional healthcare information software available but overtime its run on a computer, the computer starts acting up. In some cases, the operating system would crash, it others it might just go blank every few minutes and some other problems might arise. These are all caused by the incompatibility of the software with the hardware and that's why software has full hardware requirements written in the manual so users know beforehand if their computer would accept the new software. Telecommunication technologies refer to all channels that enable two parties to share information. These include, television, radio, Internet and LAN. Now we need to see how these telecommunication technologies help us communicate. For any system to be called telecommunication technology, it must have three components, i.e. sender, receiver and medium. In the types mentioned above, we can see that all four serve this purpose. Television has the viewer as receiver, broadcasters as senders and television itself as the medium. Modern telecommunication technologies are different compared to older ones but the still tend to serve the same purpose as older technologies. Information theories refer to theories that explain the nature
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