The Relationship between Health and Education

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Deficit 1: An understanding of the relationship between health and education* Action 1: Research the relationship between health and education in terms of how nutrition and exercise promote learning. Curate the research and prepare documents and digital presentations. Deliver presentations at local school board meetings, in meetings with elected officials in the state, and with public servants in the Department of Education. Using research will show policy makers the importance of health in promoting the educational goals established in federal mandates such as No Child Left Behind. Action 2: Publish articles in peer-reviewed journals, but also magazines, newspapers, and Websites, highlighting the importance of health in education. The articles target their respective audiences in order to garner the attention of educators, parents, and policy makers alike. Peer-reviewed journal articles will substantiate claims that personal and public health promotes the educational goals established by the school and federal mandate. Articles in magazines and newspapers target parents and older students, demonstrating how they can take greater responsibility for their health by eating right and exercising. Action 3: Hold town meetings and public speaking events for community involvement, showing the link between public health in general, and student performance in particular. If possible, hire high profile or celebrity speakers to give talks that will attract students and parents.
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