The Relationship between Humanism and the Reformation

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The relationship between humanism and the Reformation Christianity played an important role in humanist tradition when considering that many reformist notable figures were actively involved in promoting humanist thinking. Individuals like Erasmus of Rotterdam and Martin Luther wanted people to make use of complex knowledge with the purpose of trying to understand and interpret Christian faith rather than to simply act in accordance with laws that the church imposes. The fact that these people were well acquainted with principles like morality and logics made it difficult and almost impossible for them to accept absurd legislations, regardless of the position of the individuals who promoted these respective laws. Erasmus and Luther were both consumed by their determination to change society's understanding of religion without abandoning Christianity altogether. They generally believed that by influencing the masses to look at matters from a different perspective they would enable individuals to comprehend that the Catholic Church had a tendency to abuse its position. These people wanted to assist their communities in abandoning medieval and other earlier interpretations of the bible with the purpose of employing a humanist approach at trying to comprehend the document. Humanists read Greek and Hebrew biblical text and realized that there were many discrepancies between their actual meaning and the one that the Church had attributed to them. The fact that humanism was
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