The Relationship between Hunger and Poverty

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Poverty is the principal cause of hunger. The cause of poverty includes lack of resources, an extremely unequal income distribution in the world, and hunger itself. There are a lot of politics influencing how food is produced, who it is produced by, and for what purpose the food is produced. It is not a matter of having availability, but rather of ability to pay. The ones with the most money command the most resources while those with little to no money go hungry. Tackling hunger by increasing food production is attacking symptoms of poverty only not root causes. Not fighting root causes and only fighting hunger will be costly. People will continue to be hungry and resources will continually divert to remedy hunger superficially. It would not relieve the conditions that create poverty in the first place. If poorer nations are not allowed to produce and create industry for themselves then poverty will continue. To greater understand while people are hungry you must stop thinking about food as something farmers grow for others to eat and begin thinking about it as something companies produce for others to buy. The problem is that people who don’t have enough money to buy food don’t count in the food equation. If you don’t have the money to buy food then no one is going to grow it for you. Ending hunger requires doing away with poverty or ensuring that people have enough money the means to buy, and create a market…
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