The Relationship between Organized Crime and Politics in America

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Sociological significance of the relationship between organized crime and politics in the US The Money and the Power is the outcome of five years of study by award-winning investigative journalists Sally Denton and Roger Morris into the founders, finances as well as unholy associations that transformed a dusty desert crossroads into the de facto capital of criminal America. Starting with the city’s mobster godfathers, Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky and their on-site representatives and followers like Texas thug Benny Binion, Denton and Morris expose amazing relationships between organized crime and revered Nevada and national political figures like Pat McCarran, Robert Laxalt, Papa Joe, Jack and Robert Kennedy, Arizona’s Goldwater family, and Richard Nixon. However, according to the authors, the sticky-sweet entice and infectious corruption of Las Vegas doesn’t end with underground political influence. Money laundering and defrauds of truly marathon proportions concerning the CIA, illegal drug cartels, Mormon bankers, the unions, Howard Hughes, substandard political burgles and apparently failed political assassinations round out an account of current U. S. history that is forthrightly awful in its implications. Denton and Morris indicate to explain that Las Vegas is both the symbol and the fruit of a new American order, a means of life that admits, supports and uses misapprehensions, diversion, disgraceful shams and the pessimistic operation of a people by their
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