The Relationship between Political Structure and Economic Exploitation in Prosperity and Violence by Robert Bates

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Bates did an outstanding job highlighting the ways the early states in Europe came forth, but his argument had some weakness. Bates shows how in the post World War II era, many of the countries of the Third World gained their independence in the heart of the split of the Cold War, which both the Soviet Union and United States were in search for allies around the world to destabilize the position of the other country. Bates argues that in undercutting the process of state development, both the Soviet Union and United States had to offer exploitation assistance to gain alliances with the new and poor country in order to generate legitimately functioning economies, which I seem not to be convincing. Lastly, Bates argues that the increasing of new cities promoted prosperity, which brought economic growth not only in the urban centers, but also in the countryside, which I believed was logical. Political structure and economic development were the theme throughout the book. Bates arguments throughout the book seem to be adopting a liberal approach in his case studies to me. Bates focused on ideas of liberty and equality when he was talking about the relationship of private property and free trade. It also seemed to me that Bates was taking a Marxism theory approach in some spots. Bates was basing the agrarian societies on class-relations,…
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