The Relationship between Strategic Planning and Effective Leadership

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Critically evaluate significance strategic planning relates effective leadership Introduction Leadership is the set of capabilities that a person has to influence the minds of people in a group of persons, making this team to work with enthusiasm, but the reality is different, in achieving goals and objectives. (Koys, 2001, pp26-33) It is also understood as the ability to take initiative, manage, hold, promote, encourage, motivate and evaluate a group or team. (Goffee and Jones, 2000, pp117-28) In business management leadership is the exercise of executive activity in a project effectively and efficiently, whether personal or institutional management (within the administrative process of the organization). Literature review In the analysis of organizational development is necessary to have a good agent of change, which is a person who deliberately acts on the environment to facilitate or promote the implementation of the projected change. In this regard, Block (2003, pp45-49), he adds any person or system that contributes through direct or indirect to the implementation of change is a change agent. However, the dictionary of Aurelio Buarque de Holanda, defines the word agent, as one who practices the action, acting, author, originator, sponsor, promoter, promoter. But that makes sense to adapt the Cameron et al. (1999, pp4-9), we can say that the agent of organizational development, is he able to develop within the organization, attitudes and processes that enable
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