The Relationship of Metrosexuality to Media and Male Psychology

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Juan Lorenzo S. Cruz English 12: Research Paper Draft 28 January 2013 The Relationship of Metrosexuality to Media and Male Psychology CHAPTER ONE Introduction In today’s media-savvy world, male vanity is something that we now witness everyday. It has become very apparent and has led to actions and trends that society has learned to accept. We see it in the actors in movies, TV shows, and commercials, we see it in the models for billboards and various ads wherever we go. We are also able to see closer evidence of it in our day-to-day activities, in the numerous male beauty products in grocery stores ranging from hair gel to masculine wash, and in the men that we interact with everyday. These men wear fashionable clothes and always…show more content…
Manliness (2006) begins with the author, Harvey C. Mansfield, explaining how the concept of “manliness” has become outdated due to the concept of a gender-neutral society being increasingly more prevalent in today’s times. The book explores the idea of manliness being a stereotype and ends with the idea that there are still certain traits that are expected of men. Men and Masculinity (2001) is a collection of works that demonstrates how men’s actions and traits are constructed and influenced by cultural perceptions of masculinity and structures of gender. The selections are able to enumerate on the various roles and that men are given and the relationships that they partake in. Mirror, Mirror… (2006) is a Time magazine article written by Ling Liu that studies the rise of male vanity and metrosexuality by studying the recent trends and actions of men, particularly those in Asia. Liu writes about the changing definition of masculinity and how this new definition has been spreading and is slowly being accepted by society. Methodology The topic of this research paper was primarily explored due to the topic of male vanity that was found in the article, “Mirror, Mirror…” written in Time magazine during the June 22, 2006 issue. The scholar then looked more into the topic of male vanity and it’s

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