The Relationship of Pip and Magwitch Essay

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The Relationship of Pip and Magwitch

Write an essay about Pip and Magwitch's relationship, concentrating mainly on the section when Magwitch returns from Botany Bayonwards, though you should briefly touch on the opening of the novel respond to Orwell's assertion in his essay (Charles Dickens) that Pip maintains an abhorrence for the convict.

Magwitch is introduced to Pip as a shock, at first he come across as being manipulative and seems to be intimidating and oppressive. Pip and the readers have illusory images that Magwitch is malign, but he is not the villain he has been made out to be. Murderous intentions are given by Magwitch which are misleading. The way Dickens describes Magwitch
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When Magwitch meets back up with Pip he is immensely disappointed that he doesn't remember him. Magwitch has spent all his life waiting to see Pip and when he finally does he doesn't remember him. This deeply saddens Magwitch. At first Pip acts snobbish towards Magwitch. Clue by clue Magwitch hints that he is his benefactor. He wants Pip to think for himself. He lays down the proof. Before Pip realises Magwitch is his benefactor he welcomes him and treats him with care but once he finds out the truth he shows abhorrence towards the convict. This is because he is higher in the social hierarchy and wouldn't like to think that all his wealth has come from a low life convict. If word got out this would socially damage Pip. At this point in the novel you would say that Orwell's assertion has evidence and is true.

"Heart beating like a heavy hammer", shows good use of alliteration. Magwitch drops clues in the same way that Jaggers does. It's just like in the beginning of the novel, at the graveyard, in the way that Magwitch is holding Pip. Pip shows prejudice towards convicts even though Magwitch shows the highest generosity for Pip. There is an antithesis, Magwitch's generosity contrasted with Pip's snobbish selfishness. He tries to find a way how to tell Pip how much he loves him. Pip is an inspiration to Magwitch. Pip sees things in a materialistic
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