The Relationships Among Anxiety, Anger, And Blood Pressure

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Introduction and Research Problems: The purpose of this study in the article, “The relationships among anxiety, anger, and blood pressure in children,” was to determine the relationships between trait anxiety, trait anger, height, weight, patterns of anger expression, and blood pressure in a group of elementary school children (Howell, Rice, Carmon, Hauber 18). The purpose stated in this study was straightforward and clear. The investigators explain the problem by discussing the relationships among psychosocial factors, biological factors, and blood pressure in children. Trait anger, trait anxiety, and anger expression patterns are psychosocial factors that have been linked with high blood pressure in adolescents (17). Biological factors such as height, weight, and gender have also been related to high blood pressure (17). Because anxiety and anger are examined less in children than adults, 264 third through sixth grade children from five elementary schools were requested to complete the Jacob’s Pediatric Anger and Anxiety Scale and Jacob’s Pediatric Anger Expression Scale. The children also had their blood pressure taken for the study (17). This investigation involved data that was evaluated using descriptive and correlational statistics and hierarchical regression (17). Therefore, the importance of this study is to teach and educate children to deal with emotions.
The first research question of this study is “What are the bivariate relationships between SBP and DBP and…
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