The Relative Power of Chinese Cinema Vis-a-Vis Hollywood: An Evaluation

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Abstract This paper tries to assess the relative power of Chinese cinema vis-à-vis Hollywood and answer whether Chinese Cinema can overcome Hollywood in the near future. The importance of doing this analysis is that a realistic appraisal of Chinese cinema's position in the global arena can help Chinese filmmakers set realistic and beneficial targets. The paper is intended to set the tone for a larger in-depth research required to understand this complex topic, and bases its conclusion on analysis and synthesis of the available secondary literature. The paper briefly recounts the history of Chinese cinema and discusses important reforms of the last two decades. Moreover there have been addressed the issues that have been crawling through the Chinese film industry like the piracy issue and the higher prices of the cinema movie tickets. These issues might be becoming a hindrance in the way of making China the largest movie provider in the world. This paper has the factual findings about the ruling of the government for the accountability of the investors in this sector and the allowance of the foreign movies to be played in the Chinese cinemas. The paper concludes that China has made great strides in developing its cinema and is a position to pose a formidable challenge to any movie industry in the world but Hollywood. Hollywood's global reach is far more extensive and its capacity to produce marketable films is much higher, and its global reputation makes
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