The Relativity Of Exceptionalism : Donald Trump

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The Relativity of Exceptionalism Donald Trump: multibillionaire business man. Donald Trump has constantly maintained an awful reputation for being impudent and insulting. Trump displays his hatred for muslims and Mexicans to gain followers in his campaign for presidency. As awful as it may sound, American citizens are drawn to Trumps campaign because he believes that no one else belongs in America, besides Americans. Trump’s ethic to making “America great again” is by excluding every non-American from America. Donald Trump has gained this mentality because he sees America as a superior country. This mentality that Trump has is American exceptionalism. The idea of American exceptionalism is the thought of superiority which drives Americans to believe that they are unique amongst other counties. Many perceive American exceptionalism differently due to the political demographics of it. American exeptionalism is an opinionated thought that each individual has. American exceptionalism is all relative to the case. Some find American exceptionalism be an ideology, due to the system of ideas that are found in it. However, many believe that American exceptionalism is the “driving force” in American society which gives Americans the motivation to succeed. American exceptionalism is a relative thought that is a driving force, but it is used with negative context and discrimination. American exceptionalism is an ideology which politicians have adapted to express that America is…

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