The Relaxation Factor of Spas Essay

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The Relaxation Factor of Spas

Most people get a look of relaxation on their face when someone says the word, spa. The imagery of mud baths, facials, manicures, pedicures, and massages triggers a feeling of complete relaxation. Many different types of people visit spas. A writer for, Julie Register, explains the different types of people who visit spas. She says, “people like a traveler that has jet lag, a mother who would like to break away from her children for awhile, or even a person who is experiencing acne, visit spas” (Register).

While looking for the origin of the word “spa,” I found on the internet that there are many possible origins. Julie Register from says a possible origin is from the
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Thermaes could be found all over the Roman Empire, even in places like restaurants they …became a central entertainment complex…” (Register).

Jo Foley, a writer for Hilary Spa and Beauty, also says that spas began in another way. This second way was in a small town in Belgium. This small town was known for a “…place where mineral springs or healing waters popped out of the ground to lavish their therapeutic properties on the ill…” (Foley). This is somewhat related to what Register was saying. Both authors credit that the use of water was the beginning of spas. These places were known for offering people rest and relaxation. Spas today are primarily known for rest and relaxation.

Today, when someone thinks of the word spa, many people think of vacation. I can think of two reasons for this. One reason is because many people go on vacation to relax, the same with going to a spa for relaxation. The other reason is, many people go to the spa for vacation. Once a year, I got to a spa for vacation. Spas today are very similar to what they were in ancient times. Most spa treatments involve water and the rituals that evolve around it (Register). Register also explained that
There have been many recent additions to spa water therapies in recent times. The Jacuzzi whirlpool, a central fixture in many modern spas, was invented in the 1950’s, followed by Hydrotherapy Tubs, Swiss Showers, Scotch Hoses, and Vichy Showers. …The

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