The Relevance Of Organizational Behavior

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Introduction In basic terms, organizational behavior concerns itself with the behavior of individuals in the organizational setting. This text concerns itself with the study of organizational behavior. In so doing, this paper will amongst other things address not only the various concepts associated with organizational behavior but also the relevance of studying the same as an academic discipline. Organizational Behavior: A Concise Definition In seeking to define organizational behavior, we must first define what an organization is. According to Cole (2001, p. 4), "an organization exists when two or more persons agree to collaborate over a period of time in order to achieve certain common goals." This should be seen as the most basic definition of an organization. In that regard, an organization (in the context of organizational behavior) will in this text be regarded as a group of individuals working interdependently toward a similar purpose. Organization behavior in the opinion of Griffin and Moorhead (2011, p. 4) "is the study of human behavior in organizational settings, of the interface between human behavior and the organization, and of the organization itself." It is important to note that organizational behavior does not have an assigned meaning. In that regard, the same has been defined variously by different authors in the past. It is therefore prudent to consider yet another definition of organizational behavior so as to get a more comprehensive meaning
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