The Relevance of Disturbing Images

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The Relevance of Disturbing Images The media today is a very powerful tool of communication. It gives real exposure to mass audiences about what is right and wrong. With that comes the horrifying pictures of things such as earthquake aftermaths and disturbing videos such as the killing of Gaddafi. This poses the age-old debate of whether news organizations should publish graphic images, or err on the side of caution and withhold them. It is also questionable as to what is measured as disturbing. In this essay, I will explain what I feel is considered disturbing. I will also explain why we as citizens need to see such images, as well as why some do not.
There are many things that people find disturbing. According to an online
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4. Avoid political, civic and business involvements or other employment that compromise or give the appearance of compromising one's own journalistic independence. 5. Strive to be unobtrusive and humble in dealing with subjects. 6. Respect the integrity of the photographic moment. 7. Strive by example and influence to maintain the spirit and high standards expressed in this code. When confronted with situations in which the proper action is not clear, seek the counsel of those who exhibit the highest standards of the profession. Visual journalists should continuously study their craft and the ethics that guide it” ( Journalist such as Nora Ephron, for example, vote in favor of showing these grisly images defending that while printing these pictures may raise issues of taste and sensationalism, the truth is that these things are happening. In her piece, “The Boston Photographs,” she states that “Death happens to be one of life’s main events. And it is irresponsible—and more than that, inaccurate—for newspapers to fail to show it, or to show it only when an astonishing set of photos comes in over the Associated Press wire” (613). I agree with her to a certain degree. I feel like people need to see specific things. For example, those that insist on drinking and driving need to see the ghastly images of automobile accidents gone awry and the people that were put to rest due to someone

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