The Relevence of Parables in the Modern World Essay examples

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I will start this essay with my simple answer, yes. I think that the modern world has grown to be ignorant. People will listen, however they will ignore. Perhaps, parables have some effect in the modern world with Christians who want to listen, learn and become a stronger Christian. Many people in the modern world have grown to think the world revolves around them. They also think parables are to old and outdated they think that they are out of touch of the modern society and were only relevant back in Jesus’ time and in ancient Jewish life. The reason for this is mainly because computer games and TV’s have been invented and this has caused people to be able to see everything going right for someone in a movie; or being able to control…show more content…
They don’t like feeling that they are in the wrong or that they are a bad person, so they brush it off and label it as incorrect, judgmental, or unfair. However, inside they may sense that it is correct, nevertheless, they will still ignore it. The origin of the word parable, “mashal”, translates to “side by side” (parallel explanations). This is interesting as it shows that our points of view have changed from it being relevant to it being useless and incomparable. The importance of parables to Christians is a substantial amount; this is because they use them as basic principles to live by and they help them to detect what is wrong and what is right. However, parables can be useful and should be important to all people as they contain very important life lessons and are very good things to live by. Christians also find them important because Jesus said them. It can be very difficult to be religious in the modern world as people have such strong opinions these days and you can be excluded from communities just for your beliefs. However, in history you could be killed for your religion. Although this still happens, it is a lot scarcer and is illegal. Parables are good because anybody from any religion, ethnic, background, country or upbringing would benefit from listening to them and would find them useful. They are the solution to most world moral issues, however, not everyone wants to listen
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