The Reliability And Validity Of The Data Provided

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This essay will attempt to evaluate the reliability and validity of the data provided in the research report ‘Understanding Inequalities in London’s life expectancy and healthy life expectancy’, also compare what the cultural and structural explanations are for health inequalities. To explain what three factors influence health inequalities and identify what policies are in place to help reduce the level of health inequalities in London
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The report show that the data used has reliability and validity because the data used has been taken from official sources such as the Office for National statistics for life expectancy, Health life expectancy, the 2011 census and public health England, these use the key health indicators such as life expectancy which is usually separated by gender, the reports of good and poor general health, infant mortality and the proportion of babies with abnormally low birth rate. All these health indicators are generally reliable because they will based upon simple data which is usually clear and undistorted for example it is quite simple and straight forward to record the life expectancy of a person at birth and the recorded age of a person whose death is being registered. Some of the social class and income measures that may affect the reliability of the data when measuring health inequalities are what is the average income for an area, the individuals incomes, the occupation of the individuals all these measurements are not all fully
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