The Religion Of African Slaves

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African slaves were brought to America from many tribes and they brought with them a variety of beliefs and practices. In some ways, the religion that many West Africans practiced bears a striking resemble to the practices of Christianity and Judaism. There are however several differences that make it clear that it is its own separate faith. On the plantations in America slaves were taught a “modify” version of Christianity so that they would obey their masters, and often times slaves would hold their own services. Other slaves believed in and practice what was called “conjuration” along with Christianity. The majority of African slaves came from a region that was called West Central Africa. The people from West Central Africa practiced a religion similar to Christianity, and believed in a single all powerful being that created the world, “As to religion, the natives believe that there is one Creator of all things, and that he lives in the sun, and is girded round with a belt, that he may never eat or drink; but according to some, he smokes a pipe, which is our own favorite luxury” (Equiano, 1789). In both religions, there is an omnipotent being that requires no substance and lives above the Earth. In addition, in both religions the Creator controls the events that occur throughout a person life. In addition, they often offered food to the spirits of their loved ones who were said to watch over them and protect them from their enemies. Family would also place sacrifices to

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