The Religion Of The Church Of England Essay

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In 18th century Virginia, religion was a widely-discussed topic. People argued, fought, and even died due to their opinion on the subject. Going to church was also a major part of that society. Every citizen was required to attend a service at least once a week and were punishable by law if they did not. In addition to this law, it is necessary to mention that the Church of England was the dominate church in colonial Virginia. The religion associated with the Church of England was Anglican Christianity. With that being the case, many individuals in Virginia were Anglican Christians at the time. That fact also caused conflict within the community because of the number of different religions molded into the society. Anglicans tried their best to stop these different religions from gaining support but many of their methods failed. As Virginia continued to grow and developed, many thought it was time to make concrete rights for the people. In 1776, the politicians of Virginia saw it fit to create an official “Bill of Rights” for the colony and began drafts for the doctrine. A number of large and heated debates would soon follow due to some of the policies in consideration. One of those policies being the right to ‘“free exercise of religion”. A law like this would have a multitude of implications in the colony. One of which being that men and women of all religious backgrounds would have to live in peace and harmony without being judgmental of other Virginian’s
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