Essay on The Religions, Holidays, Festivals, and Food of Germany

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The Religions, Holidays, Festivals, and Food of Germany

Germany is a small country, yet multitudinous diversity composes it within. Composed of East and West Germany, the country has a variation of language, religion, and people (Germany 151). However, this diversity does not take away from the country, instead, it only makes the culture of Germany unique in many ways. Three very important aspects of the German culture that make the country distinct are religion, holidays, festivals, and food.
To begin, the religion of Germany is very diverse, yet it completes the German culture. The being of religious diversity began with the Reformation. The Reformation brought Protestantism into the predominately Roman Catholic country
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Yet, Germany's church and state do work together in a partnership. The state finances part of the cost of church establishments (such as kindergartens and schools) in return for the taxes the church imposes on its member's to repay the government (447). This system between church and state not only assists the church, but it also benefits the people of Germany.
Germany's Basic Law protects a variety of religions. Kappler states that, "more than fifty-five million people in Germany belong to a Christian church, twenty-eight million are Protestants, twenty-seven million are Roman Catholic, and a minority belongs to other Christian denominations" (447). Statistically, this breaks down to "thirty-five percent of the German people are Protestants (mostly Lutherans), thirty-four percent are Roman Catholic, and two percent are Muslims" ("Germany" 151). This diversity in religion gives birth to many different churches. One type of Evangelical church in Germany, the EKD, is a community of twenty-four independent Lutheran, Reformed and United regional churches (447). The Synod is the main legislative body of this organization, with a chief executive body of Council (447). The church office in Hanover is its central administration headquarters. The members of this organization meet through the church conference, and cooperate closely with the Roman

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