The Religions Of The Abrahamic Religions Essay

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Through the eyes of many; Jesus Christ The strongest religions, that have lead many great religions; were the Abrahamic Religions. The Abrahamic Religions are a trio of religions that revolve around monotheism. They believed that their were in fact other Gods but only one true God worth worshipping. They also came up with the idea of a covenant a deal with God, when God came down to Abraham (he was a Jew at that time) and told him, that we would give him sons and land. But there was a catch as he said, “ This is my covenant, which ye shall, between me and you and thy seed after thee, every man child among you shall be circumcised.” God had chosen Abraham and his disciples to be a great nation, making the Jews the chosen people. When the Romans came into Canaan, a new follower was born. Jesus born in Nazareth to Joseph and Mary. Jesus spread love, peace, and justice, he was the founder of Christianity. Jesus Christ was seen to be “our savior,” “son of God,” “the messiah” to some. But who truly was he, was he really is this messiah they talk about? Was he really sent down from by God? Abrahamic Religions all have different ideas on who Jesus really is. However, who is right? If we have no actual historical evidence that this person might have existed. No true writings from him but what people wrote about him and his words. The Abrahamic religions include Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; these religions later become structurally backgrounds for other religions. These

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