The Religions Of The Middle East

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Abrahamic religions, religions that derive from the biblical character Abraham, have three main religions in the group. The first, and oldest, is Judaism, founded several thousand years ago in the Middle East; then there is Christianity, the most popular religion in the world, which was founded shortly after the death of Christ; finally, there is Islam, the second most popular religion in the world, founded by the prophet Muhammed in the 7th century ACE. Islam has over one billion followers of the Islamic faith. Although it is one of the most popular religions in the world, many people do not know much about what Muslims, followers of Islam, believe in. Due to the rising publicity of militant terrorist groups in the Middle East, Islamophobia has become rampant in many first-world countries. Although the media portrays violent and barbaric acts performed by militant Muslims, a majority of Muslims do not commit such atrocities and are wrongly persecuted. Only by educating those who do not know about Islam, can it be assured that Islamophobia will dwindle. Islam was founded in Saudi Arabia by a prophet named Muhammed. Muhammed is considered to be the greatest prophet in the Muslim faith, the second greatest prophet in the Muslim faith is considered to be Jesus Christ himself. The one main, significant difference between Islam and Christianity is that Muslims do not see Christ as being the Lord, they believe that only Allah, the Arabic name for God, is the one, true lord.
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