The Religious Beliefs Of America

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In his book, The Religious Beliefs of America’s Founders, Gregg Frazer attempts to break apart the debate going on today about whether or not the founding fathers were Christian. In the preface of the book, Frazer states, “I want to force extremists on the Left and Right to make a case for their vision… this book is an attempt to allow [the Founders] to defend themselves through the written record of their words.” In his book, Frazer makes arguments that eight of the most prominent Founders were not Christian or Deist, but rather they were “theistic rationalists,” a term that he uses countless times throughout the text. Frazer examines the eight key Founders as well as important theologians and ministers of the time. He defends theistic rationalism and allows readers to visualize the religious atmosphere when America was founded. I believe that Frazer did create a well-researched and very convincing argument; however there are a few minor flaws that I will discuss throughout this paper. Frazer chose to use the term “theistic rationalism” throughout his book. In order for readers to understand what he was talking about, he wrote the first chapter to focus on the basics of theistic rationalism. Basically, it boils down to Frazer’s belief that the Founders’ theistic rationalism wasn’t exactly representative of any one sect of Christianity. He argues that it was created during the enlightenment and was common to most educated and rational men. Theistic rationalists believed in…
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