The Religious Beliefs Of Organisations

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The religious beliefs of organisations are responsible for altering management practice in various foreign civilizations, yet when these moral principles are integrated with other devices used in Western society, it can create the most influential environment that thrives on work ethic and profitability. As such cultural beliefs are predominantly not a factor in countries such as Australia, many consider that a religious organisation is far more effective in its management practice. Despite this, it is the way in which these countries utilise religion in their workplace that makes it merely another device to inculcate the desirable outcomes that Western countries are similarly aiming to achieve; therefore, creating similar productivities with different mechanisms. In suggesting this, it can be said that religious values can be more effectively used in management when incorporated with the practices of non religious organisations to develop a greater work ethic and sense of achievement for their employees.

Religion and the values that many instill, are a prominent constituent of the modern and traditional world. Many civilisations centrally base their organisations around the ethical principles that guide their daily decision making and understanding of the world they live in. When observing Islamic societies, there are a variety of cultural beliefs that are their foundation of managerial practice. Religion can be an important factor that can help people develop ideas,…

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