The Religious Cult Of Cults

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Most of our thoughts about cults today are often a misconception of ideas that derive from our imagination. Practices that resemble a strange ritual or ceremony would certainly be fitting. Most of our culture could potentially spot a religious cult if the anomalies, or strange behaviors were evident. This simply is not a good way to identify cults today though. These groups are no longer apparent to the naked eye. Their systems of religious veneration and highly devoted groups blend in with our everyday living. These members live in communities. Some shop at the same designer stores we shop in, and rally for the same home sports team. These members are relatable. They are intelligent. They have great careers and enjoy some of the same hobbies as you and I. They teach our children in public schools, sit on the board for our local and National governments, prescribe us medications when we are ill. They blend right in. We need to guard our hearts and minds from these groups and gracefully proclaim the solid foundations of God’s word. The only way to do this is to understand how these cults work and how to defend God’s word effectively. To understand these groups one must understand the specific characteristics that they possess. If we simply describe a cult as a religious group, then all religious groups would fit the classifications of a cult. However, there are no grey areas when determining the characteristics of a cult. These cults dismiss a proper relationship to the
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