The Religious Forms Of Christianity Essay

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Arti Dhand

Monotheism, as a prominent branch in religions, is considered by many thinkers as the superior one, comparing with all other forms. However, consider the historical aspects of Judaism, it seems that definite belief in one deity leads to violence. By studying both Jewish scriptures and observing present-day violent behaviour, I try to explore how intolerance and exclusiveness of monotheism can breed violence.

A widespread point of view is that monotheism is more advanced that other religious forms. As one of the thinkers supporting this idea, Frazer believed that human cultures are evolving through different stages, by making transitions from primitive traditions to religions. Traditions of early human are based on sympathetic magic, believing that one thing can influence another without any physical contact, such as rituals for cursing and controlling nature. Religions, however, are beliefs in super-beings or agents with powers that can modify nature and human fates. Eventually, the discovery of the inefficacy of magic would be followed by the transition from magic to religion. As Frazer wrote: “… it is natural that we should enquire what causes have led mankind, or rather a portion of them, to abandon magic as a principle of faith and practice and to betake themselves to religion instead.”
One obvious criticism towards this argument is that Frazer failed to interpret some religions that lack “theism”. For instance, in Jainism,
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